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We are a tuition provider that purposely links creative teaching activities with the fundamental knowledge and strategies necessary for mathematical success. In our lessons, we use manipulatives, arts and crafts, mathematical modelling, stories, and child-friendly language to explore our mathematical world.

Empowering Your Child in Maths

At the heart of our programme is the intention to demonstrate the usefulness and creativity found within mathematics. To this end, its creator has invented unique patent-pending manipulatives to literally place the concepts in the hands of its students. This allows the student to physically interact with complex mathematical ideas. Coupled with mathematical modelling, this provides a powerful platform to discover mathematical relationships, challenge individual assumptions, and create new knowledge – all essential in bringing about progress and success.

Count 2 Ten was established in 2010 for the purpose of making working with numbers easy. Our mission is to make students make sense of their mathematical world. This is achieved through mathematical modelling, fostering mathematical self-talk, communicating mathematical ideas with others, and linking conceptual and procedural understanding.

Mathematical Manipulatives

We have created unique manipulatives that literally put mathematical concepts in the hands of our students.

Mathematical Modelling

We teach our students to use mathematical modeling to reason and communicate their mathematical understanding.

Mathematical Mentor

Building strong relationships with our students allows them to take mathematical risks in a safe and affirming environment.

Years 2 to 13

The Count 2 Ten Programme is suitable for Years 2 – 13 of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Different Student Levels

The Count 2 Ten Programme caters for students of different maths abilities, from ‘below’ through ‘at’ to ‘above’ standard.

Learning Difficulties

The Count 2 Ten Programme caters for students with learning difficulties.

Mobile Maths Lessons

Mobile Tuition

Count 2 Ten is a mobile tuition provider. Choose to have lessons at your home, a work premise or a public library. Currently available for students in East Auckland only.

Online lessons

Online Lessons

With the help of a virtual whiteboard and relevant graphics, your child will learn the fundamental knowledge and strategies necessary for mathematical success.

Individual maths tuition

Individual Tuition

One-on-one tuition. Currently available for students in East Auckland only.

Group maths lessons

Group Tuition

Small groups of students working at the same level. Currently available for students in East Auckland only.

The Count 2 Ten Programme


Introduction to the concept that maths is a powerful universal language. The origins of maths words are studied and the important skill of building number sentences explored.

Place Value and Measurement

Conceptual/Operational understanding of Place Value and Measurement (Space and Time). The nested nature of the decimal system is explored and the binary numeral system introduced.

Addition and Subtraction

Mental mastery of Addition and Subtraction within 100 (includes procedural fluency/understanding of traditional algorithms).

Multiplication and Division Facts

Mental mastery of Multiplication facts up to the 20th table and mental mastery of Division facts up to the 12th table.

Understanding Multiplication and Division

Conceptual/Operational understanding of Multiplication and Division (includes procedural fluency/understanding of traditional algorithms).


Conceptual/Operational understanding of Fractions (includes procedural fluency/understanding of  adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing fractions).


Conceptual/Operational understanding of Decimals (includes procedural fluency/understanding of traditional decimals).


Conceptual/Operational understanding of Percent (includes procedural fluency/understanding of converting between percentages, fractions and decimals, increasing/decreasing and GST).

Integers and Inequalities

Conceptual/Operational understanding of Integers and Inequalities (includes procedural fluency/understanding of adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing integers/inequalities).


Conceptual/Operational understanding of Elementary Algebra (including solving equations/inequalities, collecting like terms, expanding and factorising).

Coming Soon

For Teachers and Schools

Looking for Effective Tools to Help Teach Mathematics?

Count 2 Ten focuses on selective standards found within the NZ curriculum, providing teachers with the tools necessary to teach them to mastery. Suitable for ‘at level’ students, students at risk of falling below standard, and students with learning disabilities

The following is a list of what will soon be available for teachers and schools:

  • Unique (patent pending) mathematical manipulatives that will enable students access to both conceptual and procedural understanding.
  • User-friendly (reproducible notes for teachers, teacher aides and parents that focus on areas commonly found difficult by students to learn and difficult by teachers to teach.
  • Short targeted indoor/outdoor activities with tactile and kinaesthetic elements.
  • Homework assignments that reinforce essential concepts and procedural understanding by progressing between concrete, representational and abstract levels of learning.
  • Unique narrative-based strategies that make working with numbers easy.
  • Mathematical modelling activities to deepen knowledge and conceptual understanding.
  • Activities that strengthen working and long-term memory.

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